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I think your child and I will be a perfect fit at Camp SHINE. I will begin crafting a plan for our sessions and look forward to getting started. Before that happens, I’d love to have you share a bit of details about your child, your family and what types of things we may want to focus on together. Please take a few minutes to fill out the form below so we can get started. More details will follow. Thank you so much and I can’t wait to get to know your child more.


Private Sessions: Intake Form
We need your cell phone number in case we need to contact you.
Please use email address you used to apply for Private Sessions.

If no, please contact us if you believe this was in error. In order to complete this intake you must first be approved.

Basics about your child:

Home life and details about your child:

Goals for these Private Sessions:

What are your goals for your child at this time? List 3 clear goals so we can measure our success.


Written in the present tense, please write an ideal scene for your child, yourself and your family. This is written in present tense as though it is already a current reality. Please include a couple paragraphs minimum and feel free to expand as much as you like. Please use descriptive words and feelings to describe the ideal life you envision for your family. Please state what you are enjoying instead of the absence of the stressor. For a moment pretend it is gone and describe what life would look like. Be specific and write in a way that your life is seen and felt. Use the current stressor as a guide to help you express what is desired. (See example below)

Example: I am so grateful for our peaceful, joyful and loving family. I love that everyone feels safe, heard and respected. I am so appreciative that I feel present and calm. We laugh all the time and enjoy one another's company at dinner. (please make this unique to you and your family and please be specific.)

About Camp SHINE

Learn more about what Camp SHINE is about, how it started, and a bit more about Stephanie, our founder.

Summer Camp

Enrollment is open for Summer Camp 2023! Your child ages (grades K-5th/Incoming 6th) will create wonderful and lasting memories.

Our Programs

Camp SHINE has ongoing camps, events, workshops year-round. Join us to connect with the land, animals, and with other children. Enjoy the beauty and magic of childhood.


Contact us if you have any questions, comments, concerns or just want to share a meaningful, funny, or outstanding Camp SHINE moment.

See what Parents Have to Say:

“Stephanie has created a magical space for kids that is nurturing, inclusive, warm, flexible, open-hearted and kid-led. She’s also incredibly skilled at reaching right into their little hearts and helping them grow confidence and self esteem.”

Camp shine is everything you want for your child. It’s nature inspired, heart focused, well- rounded, and earthy. Every child yearns for the experiences camp shine offers. We are blessed to have camp shine in our community fostering our future.”

“My daughter is glowing every day when I pick her up! I love that the SEL curriculum is so well-incorporated into the camp so she is learning self empowerment tools throughout her day. She utilizes those tools at home and even taught our family about EFT. “