Camp SHINE is a FUN, nature- inspired youth empowerment program!

Inspiring Kids to be Bright in the World


Santa's Workshop

Creating gifts made with care

Each Santa’s Workshop gift is a surprise (click button below for details and an idea of past projects). Children often want to make a gift for YOU, the parent, and we think the children would enjoy making you a gift that’s a surprise for you!

Workshop Dates:

Session 1: 12/10 9:30-1:30
Session 2: 12/13 9:30-1:30 (homeschool)
Session 3: 12/15 9:30-1:30 (homeschool)
Session 4: 12/17 9:30-1:30
Session 5: 12/21 2:00pm-5pm *$99
Session 6: 12/22 1:00-5:00pm

*All sessions are $120 except session 5

The Camp SHINE Vision

We empower kids to be bright in the world!

Our vision is to help guide the next generation of conscious leaders who are here to make our planet a better place!

We are a mind, body, spirit retreat for kids located in the beautiful and abundant hills of the East Bay. We offer in-person programs on the farm where we help kids to fall in love with nature, one another and especially themselves! 

EXPLORE MORECAMP SHINE OFFERINGS + NEWSEnrollment ongoing year round for some programs.

Santa's Workshop - Various Dates + Activities throughout December

Santa's Workshops

Throughout the month of December (and a bit of November) join us for pop-up craft workshops where your child will make a very special homemade quality gift for a loved one. There will also be hot cocoa, a special guest at each event, and, of course, a visit to the farm!


Junior Camp Counselor Leadership Circle

Junior Counselor Leadership Circle

Gather in circle at the farm in preparation to be a Jr. Camp Counselor for Summer 2023 Program! We will hold several circles for boys + girls ages 11/12-14. The children will lead the way as they earn lifelong empowerment tools and leadership skills!

Summer Camp All Summer

Summer Camp

Create wonderful and lasting memories on our farm. Join us to connect with the land, animals, and with other children. Fall in love with nature, forge new friendships, learn new skills, take a dip in the pool, ride horses, grow food,  and enjoy the beauty and magic of childhood.


Camp SHINE Spring Break 2023

Spring Break

Gift your child a staycation where they can honor spring by connecting to the land and to each other in the beautiful green hills of the East Bay. We will relax in the sunshine, roam the green hills with friends, enjoy farm animals, ride horses and create nature inspired art projects!


Camp SHINE Homeschool Programs

Homeschool Programs

We offer year round offerings for homeschoolers following a WHOLE person learning approach. We seek what is special and unique about your child and invite that to SHINE through!


Diablo Magazine Cover

Best of the Bay 2022

Camp SHINE in Martinez, CA was named one of the Best of the Bay Summer Camps by Diablo magazine and its readers, parents, and campers! Thank you for the love!


Girl with hand out smiling with flower in hand

Camp Shine Farm stand

Inspiring conscious young entrepreneurs ages 7-14 who will change the world.

HOMESCHOOL MONDAYS | 9:30am-1:30pm


Child holding natural art project


Ongoing inspiring camp at the farm, created with homeschoolers in mind. 

TUESDAYS + THURSDAYS – Various times and ongoing dates

Ride horses, work with plant medicine, connect to nature, and more in our summer programs

Join us as we gather on the farm to swim, hike, explore, feed farm animals, groom ponies, and get dirty in life on the farm. Your children will learn confidence, mindfulness, and connection as they express themselves in nature and, most importantly, HAVE FUN and SHINE bright!

Find the perfect Camp SHINE programs for your children!

Two girls at camp SHINE

Glimpses from Camp SHINE

How this started

Stephanie Marie Telfer, founder of Camp SHINE, created this program out of her love of children and her desire to create a supportive, engaging, and creative environment for kids where they can forge a deep connection to nature and explore their unique ways to SHINE in the world.

Stephanie has studied many healing modalities, including becoming a certified yoga instructor in 2010 and receiving her master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology in 2015.

Photo of Stephanie in the sunshine

Kids love Camp SHINE


My daughter LOVED CAMP SHINE so much! She met new friends and strengthened existing relationships. She has been making me tea every night with the wonderful tea she made at camp. And she taught me to tap the other night. She loved the animals, swimming, riding the horses...all of it. CAMP SHINE was a very special opportunity for our kids to be outside with nature while learning to honor and take good care of themselves, animals and mother nature. Our family is so grateful to Stephanie, Lauren and the other specialist counselors for such an amazing program!

Camp SHINE Parent

Cameron loved everything about Camp Shine! He loved being able to be close to the animals, I think it was very therapeutic to him. He loved making tea and picking fruit! And he enjoyed having apple pie and lemonade made from fresh picked fruit! He enjoyed bonding with the other Camp Shiners! I especially liked when he came home on the first day and told me about how came home and talked about the comment circle and how he shared positive and you guys about the day! He really had fun and wanted to keep going!

Cameron's Parent

Camp Shine = a Total Experience! This camp is great and my son really enjoyed it. I was initially drawn to the social-emotional aspect of camp as my child has difficulty managing his emotions but this camp also fulfilled his need for outdoors and physical activity. This camp is the perfect balance of SEL, nature, physical activities, and art/creative experiences! My son's favorite parts about camp were the animals and riding a large horse for the first time, something he had previously been scared to do. Thank you for the many wonderful memories made at Camp Shine!

Camp SHINE Parent

The week that my daughter attended Camp Shine was such a bliss for her. Not only she was outdoors enjoying company with other kids but also she was learning about so many important life lessons. It was so great to see kids surrounded by nature and animals. Stephanie put such a rich, fun and interesting curriculum for the kids. They got to work and play with the animals, got to learn about herbs and how to harvest fruit and also there was plenty of time to play in the pool and soak up in the hot tub. Really the best camp in Martinez!

Camp SHINE Parent

Camp Shine was an opportunity for my daughter to become more independent and connect with new people and animals. She came home everyday with stories of adventure and friendship. When the week ended she was sad and wanted more time at camp. We love Camp Shine and can't wait to come back!

Camp SHINE Parent

Wowowow! Camp Shine was above and beyond anything I could have hoped for. My kids were able to explore new ideas, care for animals, make new friends, all while receiving the emotional support we’ve come to know and love from the Shine program. This was a first camp experience for my 6 year old son and he thrived at camp. Thank you Camp SHINE!

Camp SHINE Parent

Camp Shine was the best week ever! We had so much fun playing with the animals, spending time in nature, whittling hiking sticks, swimming, and zip lining. We wish we can go all summer long. Miss Stephanie and friends are such great teachers. They are all very kind too.

Gracelyn and Keaton

Camp shine is everything you want for your child. It’s nature inspired, heart focused, well- rounded, and earthy. Every child yearns for the experiences camp shine offers. We are blessed to have camp shine in our community fostering our future.

Camp SHINE Parent

Camp Shine is such a special experience. Teacher Stephanie and the other staff do a wonderful job of building a sense of community, so that everyone feels included and appreciated. And having a chance to care for animals, ride horses, play in the pool, and ride a zip line? It's every kid's dream!

Camp SHINE Parent

I was almost more excited than my kids were to attend this Kid Paradise of a camp. A yurt, a zip line, a hot tub, and a farm? Yes, please! What puts this camp over the top for me is the staff and the values they impart. This camp really understands and values the kids, their emotions, and most importantly, expressing them in a healthy and kind way. Camp Shine did not disappoint and I highly recommend it.

Camp SHINE Parent

Cora loved her weeks at Camp SHINE! She adores riding on playing with and looking after the farm animals and has a vested interest in their daily well being. Cora loves to craft so making cool dream catchers from tree branches was her jam! Making a tincture from elderberry was exciting for her to be a little medicine doctor! Zipping down the line was a thrill too! I love that she ended with a refreshing swim in the pool, so perfect after playing all day with her camp Shine friends:) Thank you for creating such a robust and thoughtful camp program, Stephanie.


Our child is beyond excited to go each week, marks off the days until the next Monday, and shares with pretty much everyone in our family/community about Shine. It has been such a lovely and wholesome experience!


My daughter loves Camp SHINE! She enjoys playing with kids of different ages, and she adores the farm and nature crafts. She has attended other farm-based programs previously, but Camp SHINE has far exceeded her past experience. She is glowing every day when I pick her up! I love that the SEL curriculum is so well-incorporated into the camp so she is learning self empowerment tools throughout her day. She utilizes those tools at home and even taught our family about EFT. We will sign up again!