farm stand

Inspiring conscious young entrepreneurs ages 7-14 who will change the world.

CAMP SHINEFarmstandis an exciting offering for kids ages 7 to 14


featuringvarious sessions year-roundwith after-school hours and mornings for homeschoolers

When people choose to create businesses based on a win/win model, meaning it’s good for the seller, as it is for the consumer, as it is for the environment…

Our whole planet will be a happier and healthier place!

We are so eager for the next generation of business owners, and we are excited to give them the foundation of what it takes to run their own businesses early!


Your child will receive their MBA “Masters of Being Awesome” and discover right now the power they possess to make a positive influence in our world!

We will be creating our own artisan farm stand from start to finish culminating by having our own booth at an event (TBD either a CS mini festival or at The Remedy downtown Martinez) to sell our own creations.

2023 winter farmstand sessions now running


11 Sessions + Booth Day + Follow up date!


January 22, 29
February 5, 12, 26 *
March 4, 11, 18, 25
April 8, 15
*no camp on 2/19

Booth Day 4/20

Post celebration learning 4/22

$975 (payment plan available – broken into 3 payments)
Sibling discount available –
must register at least two children –
use coupon code:

We are now vendors with Visions, Compass and Vista Oaks.
If you are using CHARTER FUNDS, please select the full tuition option and use coupon code: CHARTERFUNDS!

We have a small non refundable 3% enrollment fee for using charter funds. We love being a vendor for our community but it requires extra support and management on our end. Thanks for your understanding.



    1. There is a 4% fee for cancellations per enrollment.
    2. Cancellations must be made 2 weeks prior to your camp date or the guardian is responsible for full tuition.
    3. Should you miss camp for any reason we do not refund or credit or offer make up days, this may include vacations, illness or unforeseen incidents.
    4. We do not offer make up days
    5. We are not responsible for lost items at camp. Please do not bring anything valuable.
    6. We are drop off only program.
    7. Once you register you will get a welcome letter automatically sent to your inbox. If you don’t receive one, please check your junk mail and then reach out to us at to make sure that you are indeed registered with us.

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We believe conscious entrepreneurs are the people who will change the world!

The Camp SHINE Farmstand will include

(in a way that is child friendly and understandable):

  • The financial element of running a business.
  • What does it mean to be a conscious entrepreneur?
  • What is a win/win business model?
  • Branding and messaging of our products and booth
  • Marketing and advertisement
  • Field trip to local Martinez businesses that are based on a win/win model
  • Creating the art or project to offer and sell
  • Culminating with the experience of selling their own items, the kids will be responsible for set-up, take-down, running the booth, collecting money, and greeting customers! Each child will get a shift and time to tend to our booth!

We will be offering morning sessions which are perfect for homeschooling families and afternoon sessions for kids who may be at school during the morning and early afternoon.

AGES 7-14


If using Charter Funds:


  1. You must enroll with us directly to be in the program, through our site right here. You are not officially in the program until you have signed up through our website which will add you to our roster.


  2. We have a $20 non refundable administrative fee per enrollment if using charter funds. This small fee enrolls your child in the program and stores your credit card, safely on file. Should your funds be insufficient or not go through, we will charge the card on file.


  3. The parent or guardian is ultimately responsible for payment should funds not go through. Please be aware of this upon signing up. You may also be responsible for camp days that land on school holidays. 


PLEASE NOTE PRIOR TO ENROLLING, Some of our classes may be held on school holidays for your charter (each charter has their own holidays and therefore hard to accommodate everyone). If this is the case, you are personally responsible for covering tuition for that day that the charter will not fund.

How to enroll with Camp SHINE using Charter Funds:


  1. First check in with your charter to make sure you have funds and to submit a voucher.


  2. You must begin the enrollment process (this will ensure you have a spot) right HERE on our site by entering your information and selecting the program you wish to enroll in! We can’t wait to meet you and your child!  (you are not officially in the program until you register with us even if you received a voucher)


  3. You will be instructed to create an account. This keeps all your info on file with us. It’s really easy for you and for us! You can refer to this secure account any time you need to access your information.


  4. When checking out for the program selected choose which Charter you are with (Compass/Vista Oaks or Visions), select Full Tuition, use coupon code: CHARTERFUNDS100 (this waives the full fee) and pay the $20 non refundable administrative fee (per enrollment).


  5. Once you are enrolled, you should receive a welcome letter with instructions for Camp, including directions, what to bring and how drop off/pick up is conducted.

If you don’t receive our welcome email,  please reach out to us at

It’s all about Joy!

All proceeds will go to a charity of the children’s choice and a portion will go the Camp SHINE Scholarship Fund to help all kids have a chance to come to Camp SHINE.

Of course, it won’t be all work…we will also PLAY at the farm with the animals, run the hills, make new friends, and have FUN!

Everything we do at Camp SHINE is about JOY!

The children will learn that work isn’t something dreadful but joyful, especially when you do thing that is meaningful and something that you love!

If your child loves hosting lemonade stands, is always conjuring up ways to sell things and has a budding entrepreneurial spirit…this program was made for them!

Child holding oil blends they've created
Soap making in hand
Child holding handmade soaps