The Team

Meet the amazing staff and guest teachers who help make Camp SHINE shine!

Trisha Fratello

Camp SHINE Creative Director

Trisha Fratello is the Creative Director at Camp SHINE, sharing her love of art and the creative process with us! Trisha believes that we are all inherently born artists. Her mission is to use art therapy as a way to help children overcome frustration, comparison, and perfectionism. She encourages children to appreciate beautiful mistakes. Her method is to reflect on the whole creative process, from start to finish, and to use that reflection as the child’s final masterpiece. To help children find pride in their accomplishments and to use their creation as a souvenir of their journey. Trisha has incredible patience and kindness that fills the air at Camp SHINE. She helps the children stay steady in their creative process and is always encouraging and uplifting. She has an extraordinary gift of taking the children’s amazing ideas and helping them become a reality through her gift of art and being able to figure just about anything out! Trisha started her own business called CREO Design where she brought group art experiences to adults, we are beyond thrilled to have her talent at Camp SHINE.

Trisha Fratello
Andrea Telfer-Karbo FNP

Andrea Telfer-Karbo FNP

Founder/Owner of The Remedy

Andrea is a nurse practitioner, specializing in Functional Medicine and founder of The Remedy, a wellness center located in downtown Martinez. Andrea has always known the true path to health and wellbeing was not in a pill but rather through our connection to nature and our earth’s natural healing ability. She is eager and excited to bring this knowledge to the next generation. The children love when Andrea comes to camp as they know they are about to make and learn something magical. We are beyond grateful to have her expertise at Camp SHINE.

See what’s she’s up to at The Remedy:


Pottery, Co-owner of The Gilded Frond

Ché was born and raised in Cleveland, OH. and was exposed to the world of clay as a small girl immersed in her grandmother’s home pottery business in rural Ohio. Che started out by taking pottery classes after work and then became a member of the Red OX Clay Studio in Concord, Ca. Clay has always been therapeutic for Che and she often would turn to pottery as a healthy outlet. She now co-owns an amazing artisan, textile and pottery shop in downtown Martinez called Gilded Frond.

Check out the Gilded Frond:

Anna Marie

Anna Marie Beauchemin, Clinical herbalist, holistic nutritionist, and biologist

Founder/Owner of East Bay Herbals

Anna is a trained clinical herbalist, biologist, writer, gardener, and former pastry chef who aims to bridge the worlds of herbalism, cooking, and garden-centric ecology through her work. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Conservation and Resource Studies from the University of California Berkeley and is a Certified clinical Western Herbalist who has studied clinic-based herbalism with a variety of respected teachers and institutions. She values the exploration and study of the natural world and thrives in the space where the art and science of herbal medicine meet. Anna has a gift of taking complex subjects and making them easily digestible. They say if you can teach it to a child, you really know your stuff. Anna knows her stuff! She also curates an apothecary of amazing medicinal medicines she crafts with her two amazing hands.

Explore East Bay Herbals:

Cesar Lara

Founder/Owner of Mic Drop Media Productions

Cesar is Stephanie’s husband and the dad of Jackson and Noah. He is the creative brains behind all art projects at home and specializes in wood working, photography and film. Cesar has previous experience working with kids as a PE teacher and running an after school program in Santa Barbara while attending college. In addition, Cesar was the JV soccer coach for Campolindo High School in 2001 and has over 25 years of coaching experience. Cesar is responsible for all our amazing photos at Camp SHINE and we hope he shares not only his love of woodwork but also his love of film with our SHINE kids.

Check out Mic Drop: on YouTube

Cesar Lara