Create wonderful and lasting memories on our farm

Join us to connect with the land, animals, and with other children. Fall in love with nature, forge new friendships, learn new skills and enjoy the beauty and magic of childhood.



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Create lasting memories and connect with other kids and with nature on our beautiful farm in Martinez, CA. Camp is open to children from Kindergarten through 5th (incoming 6th) graders.

MONDAYS – THURSDAYS – Various dates from June through August. Aftercare options also available. Sibling discounts.

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A Program for Junior High Children, teaching them leadership skills and preparation for being a Jr. Camp Counselor for a week of summer camp (included in the program)!

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOONS – Dates through April & May


SPRING BREAK - cancelled

We are so sorry but we have to cancel this year’s Spring Break Session. Due to the recent weather, we need to take care of some important maintenance on the Farm, but we’ll be back in no time. See you this summer! (And please learn more about Spring Break because we’ll be back with it next year!).

AND EXPLORE ALL OF THECAMP SHINE PROGRAMSEnrollment ongoing year round for some programs.


Dream Camp, Camp SHINE

Dream Camp

Just as adults set intentions, resolutions, goals and reflect on how they want to start anew with a new year…so do our kids! We will start with a powerful positive focus, exciting goals, and a unique spark. At Dream Camp, together we will reflect on the moments of the past year and move into the New Year by creating a piece of art that reflects your child’s big, bright, shiny self! Of course, we’ll do farm stuff too, but we hope to give your child something to take into the new year with them.  


Camp SHINE Homeschool Programs

Homeschool Programs

Join us year round on the farm! Your child will practice mindfulness throughout the day as we ride horses, garden, create natural art, practice plant medicine and connection, all while we immerse ourselves in the natural world. We seek what is special and unique about your child and invite that to SHINE through! Our homeschool programs are generally offered Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Also, you may be eligible for reimbursement as we are vendors with Visions, Compass and Vista Oaks.

Camp SHINE Spring Break 2023

Spring Break

Let’s usher in spring together! Gift your child a staycation where they can honor spring by connecting to the land and to each other in the beautiful green hills of the East Bay. We will relax in the sunshine, roam the green hills with friends, enjoy farm animals, ride horses and create nature inspired art projects! Along the way we weave in the SHINE curriculum for gratitude, kindness, and what it means to SHINE and bloom in your own unique way!


Junior Camp Counselor Leadership Circle

Junior Camp Counselor Leadership Circle

A Program for Junior High Children, teaching them leadership skills and preparation for being a Jr. Camp Counselor for a week of summer camp! We will gather in circle at the farm as we prep to be Jr. Camp Counselors. We will hold several circles for boys + girls ages 11/12-14. The children will lead the way as they earn lifelong empowerment tools and leadership skills!


Summer Camp All Summer

Farm Stand

We believe conscious entrepreneurs are the people who will change the world! This exciting offering for kids ages 7 to 14 teaches them to create a businesses based on a win/win model – good for the seller, the consumer, AND the environment. Your child will receive their MBA “Masters of Being Awesome” and discover the power they possess to make a positive influence in our world! We will create our own artisan farm stand from start to finish culminating in having a booth at a TBD event to sell our own creations. AM + PM Sessions held throughout the year.

Santa's Workshop - Various Dates + Activities throughout December

Santa's Workshops

Throughout the month of December (and a bit of November) join us for pop-up craft workshops where your child will make a very special homemade quality gift for a loved one. We’ve structured these workshops so that you don’t know what’s being created or what’s inside the package wrapped with care! Some gifts we’ve made in the past have included: bracelets, soaps, ornaments, herbal teas…  There will also be hot cocoa, a special guest at each event, and, of course, a visit to the farm!

Camp Shine was named one of the

Best of the East Bay: Kids

We can feel the love!

Thanks to our Camp SHINE parents and campers for all the love! We are so excited to be named one of the Best of the East Bay Camps by Diablo magazine. And we’re not just a summer camp! We have year-round offerings so check us out if you haven’t yet! We’d love to see you at the Farm!

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    Explorations & Activitiesat camp shine

    Farm Life

    Located in the hills of Martinez, CA, we enjoy farm life with chickens, mini ponies, horses, and a bunny! It is not uncommon for the children to enjoy art or chat with a chicken tucked under their arm. We collect eggs, groom ponies, and feed the animals. The children LOVE spending time on the farm!

    Herbs & Holistic Health

    We teach children the power of plants! At Camp SHINE, we are bringing back the tradition of holistic health by educating our youth on how to use herbs and their unique properties to support our bodies. This program is mainly taught by guest teacher Andrea Telfer Karbo FNP, a functional practitioner and founder of The Remedy.

    Horsemanship & Riding

    Through working with horses, children experience being calm and confident leaders.  They discover reading the language of a horse and how to be aware of their surroundings, a huge life skill! They also learn to groom, tend, and ride our two horses, Marty and Piper. 

    The Pool

    Everyone’s favorite summertime activity! In the afternoons we take a dip in the private pool that is located at Camp. This is a great way for us to cool off in the afternoons and always refreshes everyone! To ensure safety, we provide a lifeguard who oversees our time spent at the pool.


    Your children will get a chance to connect with one another in a safe container and learn the importance of listening to each other and themselves. We will explore self-responsibility and the power in our choices. We seek to build critical thinkers, forge strong friendships and a cultivate a culture of thoughtfulness and upliftment.

    Nature-Inspired Art

    These are not your typical “kid art” projects. They will use high quality, natural products to create works of art that are inspiring and beautiful. They will whittle walking sticks, sand, assemble and paint bird houses, create pottery, do natural dying and so much more! We often bring in the expert in their field to teach the children a new skillset they can enjoy for years to come.

    for example

    Horseback Riding | Holistic Health | Horseback riding | Leather working | Pottery | Weaving | Wet felting | Painting | Woodworking Projects | Walking Sticks | Talent shows/Plays | Hiking + Exploration | Soap + Lotion Making | Biodiverse Farming | Natural Dying | Tree House Building + so much more