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Private Transformational Sessions

Stephanie Marie


Some of our children could use some extra tools, love and support! We all do from time to time! Whether your child struggles with anxiety, socially or went through a difficult period, we can’t think of a more healing environment than time at the farm with Mrs. Stephanie!

These special sessions promise to be a positive experience, a time where your child learns to heal and grow but also have fun on the farm! Your child will learn how to tend the animals and feel empowered learning how to groom, walk and care for the  horses and ponies on the ground. There is a special healing relationship between horse/animals and people. In a sense we are doing horse therapy.

Please read all of the details on this page to decide if these sessions are right for your child.

Hello Potential Parents!

As a mom, I know how stressful it can be to see our babies struggle. One thing I am passionate about is teaching our youth how to alchemize hard times. How do we become the diamond under pressure? How do we learn to support and love ourselves, through what I like to call growth phases? As we go through the school of life, I believe having tools, mentorship and support makes for much smoother sailing and results in resiliency. As my mom has always said when going through hard times, you really need more love. I look forward to loving and supporting your child to see them SHINE just as they were born to do!

With LOVE,


These Sessions are a Combination ofNatural Healing & Practical Tools and Techniques

Surrounded by and engaging with horses, pigs, ponies, chickens, bunnies and garden, Stephanie weaves in her healing skills tailored to your child such as but not limited to:

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), nervous system regulation, mindfulness, self counseling, gratitude, the power in our choice, self advocacy and self awareness. Stephanie will work with your child to promote healing, practical tools and support.

Transformational Sessions

4 Weekly 75-minute healing sessions on the farm, partially one-on-one with your child, and part sharing with the parent//guardian.

For Children Who Are

Experiencing low self esteem, anxiety, big emotions
changing family or friend dynamics (and much more) and want and need support and tools that work (for parents too!).


Private Sessions

Each healing session on the farm is 75 minutes.

The first hour is Stephanie working 1-1 with your child.
They tend to the farm together and this allows Stephanie the space and time to listen to and support your child.

The final 15 minutes include the parent(s) and is a time of sharing what we learned and the steps moving forward.

Package Details:

Stephanie works in a monthyly package format.

A package includes:

4 sessions per month (75 minutes per session)

After our month together we re-evaluate and decided if we should continue for another month or if your child is complete.

Investment for Monthly Package: $728

After you fill out the application, Stephanie will reach out to you. Please note times and days are limited to her schedule (Mondays & Wednesdays).

These Private Session Are

Perfect for Children who are

Dealing with low self esteem

Experiencing anxiety, worry and big emotions

Struggling with family dynamics

Dealing with a stressful period

Wanting to work on building friendships

Seeking support for a more positive self image and self love

Supporting the parent with tools and lifestyle changes that are best for the child.

If you are interested in working with Stephanie please fill out the application form and she will reach out to you. Please note space is limited.

Who is not eligible:

Children seeking diagnosis and or evaluation, children with extreme issues that require psychiatric support, children who show signs of self harm, children who are considered a danger to themselves or others. 

See what Parents Have to Say:

“Stephanie has created a magical space for kids that is nurturing, inclusive, warm, flexible, open-hearted and kid-led. She’s also incredibly skilled at reaching right into their little hearts and helping them grow confidence and self esteem.”

Camp shine is everything you want for your child. It’s nature inspired, heart focused, well- rounded, and earthy. Every child yearns for the experiences camp shine offers. We are blessed to have camp shine in our community fostering our future.”

“My daughter is glowing every day when I pick her up! I love that the SEL curriculum is so well-incorporated into the camp so she is learning self empowerment tools throughout her day. She utilizes those tools at home and even taught our family about EFT. “

About Steph

Stephanie is the founder of Camp SHINE. She has worked with hundreds of children and has a special gift of understanding and connecting deeply with our youth. She LOVES kids and because of this, they feel safe and cared for in her presence.

Stephanie has been in the personal development industry for over a decade. She also has a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology which is the study of human behavior but also takes into consideration our unique perspectives, personalities and purposes.

She loves empowering our youth to realize that even now as a child, they have tremendous power to positively influence their lives and those around them. She teaches that true happiness is an inside job and that when we feel good within (self love and care), we SHINE as we were born to do!


Moments at Camp

I HAVE READ THE ABOVE INFORMATION ABOUT PRIVATE SESSIONS ANDIt sounds perfect for my child.I'm ready to get started!