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Santa's Workshops

Every child loves to give gifts! My mom (the original Santa Claus…the woman who brings holiday spirit all year with her generosity) once told me, “When I was a little girl, I would find old toys in my closet and wrap them to give to my brothers on Christmas Day because I received so much joy in watching them open their gifts!

The giving spirit is very special! This is the essence of the holiday season not endless buying or consuming on amazon (although we all do this…myself included from time-to-time😊) BUT perhaps it’s time to really give a gift from the heart and teach our children the joy of slowing down to make something special for someone special this year!

Camp SHINE Santa’s Workshop is a wonderful opportunity for your child to make a very special homemade quality gift, something they can be truly proud of to give to a loved one. Their present will leave camp wrapped with care and your child will experience the joy of being one of Santa’s Elves.

Not to mention we will also visit the farm!

Here’s a glance at Camp SHINE Santas Workshop:
  • Before you come to camp ask your child to think of a special someone, they would like to make a gift for this holiday season.
  • We will then have a wonderful artist, herbalist, functional doctor, or potter come and lead the workshop, not only teaching your child about health, wellness and art but also creating something meaningful and beautiful!
  • Your child will leave with a lovely homemade gift from them wrapped and ready for delivery this holiday season.
  • We will also visit the farm, talk about the beauty of the holiday spirit and drink hot coco!
  • We may even have a special guest appearance at the farm….

This day promises to be an experience and one to remember!

All workshops are ages 6 (alumni) -12
Santa’s Workshops are truly enjoyed by all ages!

Coming December 2022


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