Fostering our future

Camp shine is everything you want for your child. It’s nature inspired, heart focused, well- rounded, and earthy. Every child yearns for the experiences camp shine offers. We are blessed to have camp shine in our community fostering our future.

It’s every kid’s dream!

Camp Shine is such a special experience. Teacher Stephanie and the other staff do a wonderful job of building a sense of community, so that everyone feels included and appreciated. And having a chance to care for animals, ride horses, play in the pool, and ride a zip...

Yes, please!

I was almost more excited than my kids were to attend this Kid Paradise of a camp. A yurt, a zip line, a hot tub, and a farm? Yes, please! What puts this camp over the top for me is the staff and the values they impart. This camp really understands and values the...

A robust and thoughtful camp program

Cora loved her weeks at Camp SHINE! She adores riding on playing with and looking after the farm animals and has a vested interest in their daily well being. Cora loves to craft so making cool dream catchers from tree branches was her jam! Making a tincture from...

Lovely and wholesome experience

Our child is beyond excited to go each week, marks off the days until the next Monday, and shares with pretty much everyone in our family/community about Shine. It has been such a lovely and wholesome experience!